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  • Final Fantasy XIV - Explore Eureka Anemos Now [03/15/2018]

    Good news for the players of 'Final Fantasy XIV', as Square Enix has confirmed that the patch 4.25 is already available, which, among others, adds new elements in the combats, powerful weapons and Eureka Anemos, the Forbidden Land.

  • Leaked Final Fantasy XIV News: Limit Break Ungarmax [03/13/2018]

    We do not want to spread rumors, but do not want to deprive them. Already a few months ago leaked the news at Reddit by the deliberately introduced for the content with the commands NPC limit break "Ungarmax" on the chat command "/ ac Ungarmax" in other content can be executed.

  • Purcase Final Fantasy XIV Series With 50% Off [03/08/2018]

    Final Fantasy XIV is a start-up MMORPG that has suffered a series of critically acclaimed critically acclaimed games due to poor gameplay quality. In addition, all PC versions of the Final Fantasy series are available for sale on the Steam Store for only 50% off.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.25 Includes The Chapter Of Hildibrand [03/05/2018]

    On March 13, the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood saga will continue with the release of the 4.25 patch, which contains the wild Forbidden Land of Eureka.

  • FFXIV: The Most Beautiful Decoration Ideas For You [03/01/2018]

    Actually, the common saying among FFXIV players is that glamor is the real endgame. You play Final Fantasy XIV with the goal to get the newest and coolest clothes for your character

  • The Little Ladies' Day Will Kick Off On March In Final Fantasy XIV [02/26/2018]

    A new event has been announced for Final Fantasy XIV. The Little Ladies' party returns, including the ever-popular song thrushes, back to Eorzean!

  • The Players Of FFXIV Is Easy To Catch Up To High-level Players [02/08/2018]

    The way Final Fantasy XIV world is you can switch between classes and share abilities. You don't get stuck with one career that you choose during the character creation. Are you looking for a Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? The development team releases regular catch up patches when new content is released. Reference to FFXIV4Gil.

  • A Map Set Atop The Crystal Tower Is Being Set Up In FFXIV [02/06/2018]

    Rise of a New Sun, as the patch is known, features the next step in the Omega raid series, features two new dungeons, a new Trial against Byakko, one of the Four Lords, and plenty more besides. Final Fantasy XIV's 4.2 update introduces a new story scenario titled Rise of a New Sun, along with a new side quest called The Jade Stoa. The patch brings a new map and ruleset for PvP, a Duty Recorder to allow players to watch previous battles, housing updates for residential areas, and more.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Gil: All Our Service Staff Are Professional Trained [02/02/2018]

    To enhance your adventure and complete journey, you can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling from some of reputable sellers here at FFXIV4Gil in a safe secure environment and at cheap price. Enough cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling in stock, we always keep the lowest price and big discount coupon code you can get for all platforms.

  • There's A Lot To Look Forward To In The Short Term In FFXIV [01/26/2018]

    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 is officially Final Fantasy XIV, we have gotten so many updates, and we found out even more of what to expect in Final Fantasy XIV 4.2. There are also new hairstyles and emotes coming. Sadly, you still can't have dreads on any character race. Meanwhile, we see new minions, emotes, and hairstyle, including an adorable hime style.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: The Coming Of Patch 4.2 And Another Fan Festival [01/24/2018]

    Final Fantasy XIV's new patch, titled Rise of a New Sun, it is slated to be released on Jan. The update is bringing 30 new gameplay features as well as new Beast Tribe and Main Scenario quests, Raid and high-level dungeons and more. According to the latest trailer, announced the coming of patch 4.2 as well as another Fan Festival. The new contents that will include this update are varied and very interesting not only for the players of the title, but for the fans of the franchise. Perish the thought, it's time to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil immediately.

  • Enjoy Cheap Price And Friendly Service Of PoE Currency [01/17/2018]

    U4GM.com was established in 2010, we have been focusing in PoE Items, PoE Orbs and Chaos Orbs. Our goal is to provide the cheap price, fast delivery and best customer service.

  • Path Of Exile Class Tips For Gameplay And Build [01/12/2018]

    Path of Exile is one of the best games out in market and the fact that its f2p makes it that much better. It simply has too much customization in regards to abilities and traits and the RPG aspect to it is phenomenal.

  • U4GM Is A Professional Service For PoE Orbs For Different Platforms [01/09/2018]

    Welcome to U4GM.com. We offer professional service for Cheap PoE Orbs, also Buy Chaos Orbs now, so cheapest price. More games service will be set up in the future. Fast PoE currencies are on offering all the time.

  • Action RPG Games Review - Path Of Exile [01/04/2018]

    Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and ladder races.

  • It Is Better To Buy PoE Orbs From Famous And Reliable Websites [12/29/2017]

    The hottest topic in the Path of Exile forum should be how to make a lot of currencies in Path of Exile, and it is also being asked many times in the Yahoo. Every Path of Exile player knows the importance of PoE orbs when you level, match, and farming. Here I will tell you how to make lots of PoE orbs in the game.

  • Path Of Exile Compared With Diablo Series [12/26/2017]

    Path of Exile is an online action shooter developed by the makers of Grinding Gear Games. The beta version of the game was released on January 23, 2013 and until March 2013.

  • FFXIV The Art Book: The Art Of Final Fantasy Games Has Changed [12/19/2017]

    Final Fantasy XIV itself is an online role-playing game, the game is now being lavish, realistic renders of modern and fantasy environments. Looking back on the history of Final Fantasy XIV, the art of Final Fantasy games has changed drastically in its history. In the coming year, Square Enix, the developers behind the Final Fantasy series, will be releasing an art book for Final Fantasy XIV's expansion Stormblood. Concerning more news and tips about this game, to get more information through here.

  • Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Comes To Xbox One [12/19/2017]

    On December 8, there was an addition "War for Atlas" for the PC version of the action RPG Path of Exile. But the developers said that this DLC will get to Xbox One on December 19.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Gil: All Members Can Enjoy Different Benefit At FFXIV4Gil [12/13/2017]

    As a player in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn you have to decide for one class and can create your character according to your personal preferences. You are a new adventurer just wandering about the zones in Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to view website. Make your life in Eorzea easier with Final Fantasy XIV Gil and equip your character thanks to Final Fantasy XIV Gil with impressive weapons and armor. Keep in mind that do not buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from unknown websites, as you may get scammed.

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