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Introducing Player vs. Player "Conflict"

Square Enix, with their raging hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, has now released details on the introduction of Player vs. Player combat.  An exerpt from their article:

    Some asked the question: Is this not the perfect time to revive a practice that stirs a nation's soldiers-nay, the entire country-into a frenzy of patriotism? Thus, in a rare show of unity, the four great nations have decided to form a board for International Resolution through Non-lethal Conflict (IRNC, or simply "Conflict"), and resurrected an ancient set of rules that govern simulated combat. Final Fantasy XI Gil.

With full details yet to be disclosed, the rally for players to prepare is strong.  It is speculated that this "simulated combat" is but a first step to something greater that could effect the citizens of Vana'diel and their way of life for generations to come.


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