FFXIV: You Will Meet An Unforgettable Story Filled With Moving Cutscenes

ffxigilcost Date: Oct/26/17 16:35:10 Views: 90

In Final Fantasy XIV, you will meet an unforgettable story filled with moving cutscenes and acting, great new primal fights and dungeons, two wonderful new combat classes, and new lands that reward the explorer in us all. Plenty of new content, new leveling throughout new zones with new jobs and new things to do. 



Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is an amazing MMORPG with one of the best storylines of genre. Square Enix has create an epic MMORPG, but tragic too, that show the horrors and cruelty of the war. With a great dungeons design and spectacular main missions, this is an authentic must have.


With Stormblood easily being this game's strongest expansion yet, if you have never played Final Fantasy XIV or if you haven't played it in quite some time, now is definitely the time to return. Excellent characters, world, maps, quests, tons of stuff to do, content everywhere, new ways of leveling, great dungeons, amazing music, impressive battles. 


Final Fantasy XIV is still a game that is very appealing to look at and the new zones continue to impress with their level of detail and visual fidelity for an MMO. If you're a fan of MMO's Stormblood is a fantastic expansion that builds upon an already strong foundation there's always more content to keep the game fresh on the way. Keep an eye on FFXIV4Gil, we will try to keep post news to everyone about FFXIV, for more details please see from here