FFXIV's Design Is Structured So You Can Catch Up To Advanced Players

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The latest FFXIV update patch 4.1 adds a host of new features such as new main scenario quests, new mounts, new dungeons, new beast tribe quests, new hairstyles as well as an opportunity to relocate housing in Shirogane. With regard to more the fullest content, to get more information through here



In the few housing areas available, you can visit any of the 12 wards and see everyone's estates on your server, be it individual or a free company. Everyone's houses are basically in the same location as each other's and you can only have limited access through invitations or guilds, Final Fantasy XIV has opted for non-instanced housing. 


In addition, there are new and tweaked abilities for different classes that will affect the way you fight other players or NPCs. The game design is structured so you can always catch up to the more advanced players. The developers made many adjustments to make sure new users can catch up with the more advanced players. 


Final Fantasy XIV patch is arrived on October 10th, it's a good time to jump back into Eorzea and rediscover Ivalice when Final Fantasy XIV's 4.1 patch arrives. The Legend Returns will feature a 24-person raid called the Return to Ivalice. Here is all details and tips, including cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale, you should stare at FFXIV4Gil.