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Level Sync Feature

The level sync feature allows players of all levels to play together, the higher level player syncing down to the lower level player, all his or her spells and stats lowering down to that level. The FFXI developers were very pleased at the positive community feedback received and found their estimates of player acceptance much lower than actual usage. "We are very happy that players like it and use it," said Mr. Sage Sundi, Global Online Producer in responsible for communications with the player community, "and we continue to work on improvements." One of the enhancements greeted with enthusiasm by the fans was that the party would no longer lose all the buffs and accumulated TP when the character synced to, levels. ffxi gil.

Evasion / Enmity / Healing HP / Healing MP equipment effects will also remain and will adjust accordingly to the Synced character's new level and the Charm on NPCs will not break. Chocobo whistles will also be able to be used as long as the Synced Character is of level to use it after level adjustment.