Final Fantasy XI : Chains of Promathia Level Restrictions to be Lifted

ffxigilcost Date: May/17/17 10:21:53 Views: 67

The Chains of Promathia expansion is both beloved and maligned by many a FFXI fan, loved because it offers some of the most interesting content in the game, and maligned due to the fact the content is spread across several different areas and instances that are all capped at differing level tiers (30, 40, 50, and 60) which presents a number of annoyances to players looking to complete the content.Final Fantasy XI Gil.

Those days will soon come to an end, however, as Square Enix has announced that the upcoming version update will remove the level caps from Chains of Promathia areas. The Japanese developer is going one step further, as well, announcing that content in some of these areas will be adjusted to present a challenge to players level 75+ in anticipation of the upcoming level cap bump.