Final Fantasy XI : Developer Roundtable Q&A, Part Three

ffxigilcost Date: May/17/17 10:23:53 Views: 30's Carolyn Koh presents this first part of a developer roundtable interview that she conducted while attending the recent Fan Festival.Final Fantasy XI Gil. Today, we present Part Three, she tackles Game Systems & World Questions

    This Developer Roundtable Q&A report combines a group session as well as exchanges I had with members of the media from other groups and a public Q&A session. Developers in attendance:

    * Final Fantasy Team – Producer
    * Kouichi Ogawa – Director
    * Akihiko Matsui – Battle Director
    * Yoji Fujito – Planner
    * Mizuki Ito – Planner
    * Mitsutoshi Gondai – Planner
    * Sage Sundi – Global Onine Producer (Community)