Final Fantasy XI : New Summoner Avatar and New Quests

ffxigilcost Date: May/17/17 10:21:53 Views: 90

The upcoming version update is going to include some new quests and some brand new summoner avatar.Final Fantasy XI Gil. Below, you will find a sampling of the information that the Final Fantasy XI developers have released to us.

The thrilling climax to Chains of Promathia was finally reached in the July version update. Now delve deeper into the stories of prominent Chains of Promathia characters as you enjoy the new quests planned for release in December.

-New Summoning Magic

The quest to obtain an avatar long awaited by summoners will soon be available. The terrestrial avatar Diabolos made his first appearance in "Darkness Named," and now those able to defeat him at the height of his strength will learn to harness the power of dreams.

The Blood Pact abilities of Diabolos are quite unique when compared to those of other avatars. We have provided a list of Diabolos's abilities with brief explanations; however, we would like to allow summoners the chance to discover the full scope of these powers on their own...