Game Director Mizuki Ito Leaving for New SE Project

ffxigilcost Date: May/17/17 10:42:07 Views: 86

Mizuki Ito has posted a letter on the Final Fantasy XI site that informs the community that he is leaving the game to pursue a new project at Square Enix. This is particularly heart-wrenching for fans of the game who have to face a game world with no future updates and a declining population, particularly in light of last week's PS2 and XB360 stoppage.

My work with the project started more than fifteen years ago, with the last five seeing me serve as director. Final Fantasy XI Gil. At the start I could scarcely tell left from right, but always poured my heart and soul into the project, helping to shape it into the wonderful experience it is today.

The current associate director, Yoji Fujito, will be taking over as the new game director.

Up until this point I have been involved in system and non-battle content, as well as team operational support, and now have been chosen to be director of the project.

I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders as I take the reins of one of FINAL FANTASY's numbered titles as its fourteenth anniversary is nigh. Although part of me wonders if I can handle it, I vow to give my all to meet the expectations that you have for the world of Vana'diel.

I hope you will be by my side during this exciting journey!