The Patch 4.1 For Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Just Dropped This Week

ffxigilcost Date: Oct/13/17 14:33:10 Views: 96

When you join Final Fantasy XIV, this game will never let you down, with the release of Final Fantasy XIV the latest major patch 4.1, by the time players actually entered the virtual space, the chance to get a house was long gone. The update includes the 24-person raid, while short and mostly a boss rush, is beautiful. For this update's more cotent, reference from here



In addition, Return to lvalice is sure to turn some heads as Keita Amemiya, film director and illustrator collaborated with Matsuno Yasumi, director of Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics, and XII to create this casual raid experience. Until now, the thousands of players rushed to sign in to the game only to experience more. 


The patch 4.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood just dropped this week and with it came a slew of new features, quality-of-life improvements, changes, quests and the latest 24-player raid. This new raid is the first part of the Return to Ivalice series of 24-player raids. Rabanastre is also the start of the Return to Ivalice raid series, bringing you inside its desert beaten walls for a 24-player raid that is certain to challenge even the best players. 


When you beat Stormblood, your average item level should be around 290 and it's not a huge gap between the two, but item level increases at a rather slow rate in Stormblood's endgame. This patch 4.1 is the latest major update since the expansion Stormblood have been launched, when it launches, players are excited to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from FFXIV4Gil.